issue [n1] point in question affair, argument, concern, contention, controversy, matter, matter of contention, point, point of departure, problem, puzzle, question, subject, topic; concepts 278,532 issue [n2] result causatum, conclusion, consequence, culmination, effect, end, end product, eventuality, finale, fruit, outcome, payoff, sequel, termination, upshot; concept 230 —Ant. cause, origin, source issue [n3] edition of publication copy, impression, installment, number, printing; concept 280 issue [n4] distribution circulation, delivery, dispersion, dissemination, granting, issuance, issuing, publication, sending out, supply, supplying; concept 140 issue [n5] children brood, descendants, get, heirs, offspring, posterity, progeniture, progeny, scions, seed; concepts 296,414 —Ant. parent issue [v1] distribute air, allot, announce, assign, bring out, broadcast, circulate, consign, declare, deliver, dispatch, dispense, emit, get out, give out, promulgate, publish, put in circulation, put out, release, send, send out, transmit; concepts 60,140,292 —Ant. hold, keep issue [v2] emit, emerge; come from appear, arise, be a consequence, birth, come forth, derive from, emanate, exude, flow, give off, give out, ooze, originate, proceed, release, rise, send forth, spring, spurt, stem, throw off, vent, well; concepts 179,648 —Ant. hold, keep, repress, retain, suppress

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